Magnetic funnel for biological activity water

Magnetic funnel for biological activity water
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The magnetic funnel is intended for magnetisation of liquids directly ahead of their use. Water and the water solutions passed through a funnel, find smaller and homogeneous structure, that considerably increases their biological activity, ecological cleanliness, fluidity and dissolving ability.

Magnetised water well influences a condition of a gastroenteric path, stimulates growth of plants and animals, raises durability of building mixes and painting solutions (including juiciness of paints), reduces a scaling and the expense of washing-up liquids; raises permeability of biological membranes of fabric cages; reduces quantity of cholesterol in blood and a liver; regulates arterial pressure; raises a metabolism; promotes destruction of stones in kidneys, uric and bilious bubbles. Rinsing by magnetised water promotes removal of a tooth stone, periodontosis elimination. Magnetisation raises quality, simultaneously increases firmness of the cutting tool and quality of processing, raises EFFICIENCY of combustive-lubricating materials.


Technical characteristics

The magnetic funnel consists of the ferrito-baric magnetic system which have been built in in the plastic case.

- Overall dimensions, mm - no more 110mm*70mm*65mm

- A magnetic induction in the centre of a working backlash 40+-10m Tl

- Weight no more than 50 gramm

Product service life is defined by conditions of the maintenance of the plastic case. Level of a magnetic induction remains more than 7 years.

Security measures

- It is not recommended to store a funnel together with exact devices and hours;


Application order

- A processed liquid before use to spill through a funnel

- For plants on the funnel union the hose can be dressed. The direction of a current of a liquid in a funnel on quality of magnetisation does not influence.

- Clearing of a product of ferromagnetic slag is made by a dense soft tampon or a cotton tape.

- The funnel is not subject to dismantling.

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