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MALAVTILIN is an excellent cream - strong cosmetic and  antiseptic product which is produced on the basis of two unique components -  Malavit and Eftiderm.

Malavit is an achievement of bioenergetics and  informational medicine, pharmacology and homeopathy combined with the unique  gifts from the Altai Mountains (Russia). It possesses a powerful antibacterial,  antiseptic quality applicable to all kinds of an infection, with the expressed  anti-virus, antifungal, anesthetizing and deodorizing action.

It includes active complexes of copper and silver, a  mineral malachite, lactic acid, formic alcohol, sugar, white mumiyo (Altai  stone oil), pitch of cedar, buds of birch and pine, oak bark, extracts of roots  and grasses of the Altai region (a peony evading, a yarrow, a sage medicinal,  immortelle, mint peppery, a calendula, pharmaceutical chamomile, marsh calamus,  thyme) produced on the bases of healing mineral waters from several sources,  with no preservatives and artificial colors.

Eftiderm is a vehicle delivering  biologically active substances from the surface to the lower layers of the  skin. It transports components of a medical products through the skin and  mucous membranes, strengthening their activity and duration of action in dozens  of times. Owing to these properties any products made on the basis of Eftiderm,  possess the highest efficiency and practically full absence of by-effects.  Moreover, at minor alteration of structure of active components of a product or  their concentration it is possible to give to a product desirable improving  effect purposefully.

Thus, even the minimal doze of Malavit  connected with Eftiderm, produces much bigger effect.

- Different types of respiratory diseases. 
- Gynecologic infectious diseases.  Urological diseases. Traumas. 
- Any problems with skin.
- Problems with teeth: parodontosis,  gingivitis, stomatitis 
- Neuritis, neuralgia
- Cosmetology. Revitalizing skin, smoothing  of wrinkles.

Components: Malavit, Eftiderm, castor oil,  emulsive wax, olive oil, tincture of a calendula, an extract Siberian ginseng,  liquid aromatizer, sodium benzoate, water cleared, glycerin monostearate.


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