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  • Manufactured: Pervoe Reshenie (Russia)
  • Brand: Herbs of Grandma Agafia
  • Wt. 200ml/6.8fl.oz
  • Special herbal line
  • Great scent!
To use: Apply on clean steamed skin with massage movements. Rinse after 10-15 min
Vitamin Toning massage based on Altai Sea-Buckthorn oil, briar oil and raspberry pits.
Siberians call Altay Sea buckthorn "queen of medicinal plants." Vitamins E, F, K, B1, B2, and F contained in Altay sea-buckthorn have a higher concentration than in normal sea-buckthorn. Traditional recipes of beauty combined with the latest technologies of cold pressed extraction of Altay sea buckthorn, rose hips, Daurian briar seeds and raspberry allowed our professionals to maintain high activity of the full vitamin complex for your skin.
Honey Relaxing massage based on Siberian honey & Lavender oil.
100% natural.
Natural honey massage it's not only joy but your health, beauty and youth.
Massage with Siberian honey is not only fully nourishes the skin but also perfectly warms the muscles, has a high relaxing effect.
Lavender oil eliminates overexcitation, insomnia, depression, has a slight analgesic effect in the joint and muscle pain.
Honey Anti-cellulite massage based on Siberian honey & Juniper oil.
100% natural.
Natural honey massage is a great natural remedy for cellulite. Honey massage increases blood circulation, cleanses skin, releases toxins, destroy fat capsules, so the visible signs of cellulite disappear.
Juniper oil has natural anti-cellulite formula. In combination with massage it increases blood circulation and stimulates the metabolism.

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