acquistare Melagenina più in Italia | vitiligine roma | Melagenina più da Cuba in Italia | Melagenina cuba

acquistare Melagenina più in Italia | vitiligine roma | Melagenina più da Cuba in Italia | Melagenina cuba
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  • How does Melagenina Plus work? It generally works by triggering the production of reproduction of melanocytes, particularly in the borders and the inside of the achromic areas of the skin. Additionally, Melagenina Plus helps in accelerating the melanin production process, which induces skin repigmentation. MELAGENINA PLUS Vitiligo is a skin disease. It is characterized by the loss of cells (melanocites) which produce the pigmentation of the skin. As a result, white spots appear in different areas of the body. These white spots appear progressively in the face, limbs and the genital area. In many people the depigmentation appear first in the hands and later in the face. Cure of vitiligo, Treatment. Remedy to cure vitiligo. The application of a medication called Melagenina Plus. This medication to cure vitilig

    Melagenina Plus
    the globally trusted therapy for vitiligo
    Centro de Histoterapia

    Melagenina Plus (Vitiligo) placenta extract, orig. Cuba

    Melagenina Plus, the globally trusted therapy for vitiligo, is manufactured in Centro de Histoterapia.

    Melagenina was developed about 25 years ago, using placenta tissue. The product instructions indicate that application of the cream should be several times a day, followed by 15 minutes of natural sunlight.

    In 1998, Melagenina Plus was announced, which unlike the previous treatment requires only once daily application and does not require exposure to the sun.

    Melagenina Plus (Melagenina + Calcium Chloride) is an extract from placenta with alcohol. This pharmaceutical product has the property of stimulating the reproduction of malanocitos, and of accelerating the production process of melanin. As such it is an excellent medicine for the treatment of vitiligo in the border areas of the spots as well as in its core.

    Melagenina Plus is a product that is capable of reverting the most severe cases of Vitiligo because it grows in strength with time as it stimulates the pigmentation of the skin. By adding calcium to the melagenina the cellular reproduction and melanin synthesis are activated.

    The innocuousness (it produces no side effects) of the treatment with Melagenina Plus allows it to be used with children as well as adults, also with elder people, pregnant women and during menstruation. It is compatible with any kind of food or drink, as well as with any kind of medicine, except for psoralenes, corticoids and citostatics due to antagonism. Melagenina Plus has no secondary inconveniences, neither local nor systemic.

    Packing: amber colored glass flask 235ml
    Extract content: fraction of lipoproteic placenta dissolved in 90° alcohol and CaCl2


    Melagenina Plus (Vitiligo) placenta extract, orig. Cuba Melagenina Plus (Vitiligo) placenta extract, orig. Cuba Melagenina Plus (Vitiligo) placenta extract, orig. Cuba

    What is Vitiligo?  Vitiligo (often referred to as leucoderma) is a disease of the skin from which about 1% of the world population is suffering. It is characterized by the appearance of white spots surrounded by normal or higher pigmentation, mainly in the face, the joints, and the genital area. The histological study of the spots shows a typical setting: absence of melanocitos and of melanic pigmentation in the base layer of the epidermis. Skin affected by vitiligo is highly sensible to ultraviolet radiation and can burn easily by sunlight.

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    o is elaborated with human placenta, whose properties stimulates the production of melanocites. Melagenina Plus has proved to be effective in 86 % of the cases under treatment. Its application is completely innocuous. It has no side effects and can be used in children, pregnant women and elderly people. The efficiency in the application of Melagenina Plus depends on the following factors: 1. Age 2. Race 3. The extension of the affected area 4. The time the patient has been suffering for the disease 5. Specific body areas affected 6. Correct application of the treatment The medication Melagenina Plus (Melagenina + calcium chloride), is an alcoholic extract of human placenta, a pharmaceutical product which has the property of increasing the reproduction of melanocites, and the production of the melanina, resulting in a "choice medication" for the vitiligo treatment, as it accelerates the reproduction of the remaining melanocites in the border or inside zones of the acronycal body areas of the patient.


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